because some phones are not only for phone calls.....

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gPC License Donation

gPC License Donation

Please, help me to improve the program:
As the gPC is a research project, anyone who wants to donate more than 15€/device by using PayPal, can get a license* for the full version of the gPC.
The donators who want a second or a third license, can get it with 7.5€/device (contact support for more details)

Please donate if you believe my time and efforts are worth it. Thanks!

*As soon as you donate for a license
(donation method) , send us an email to
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
with the "gPC_CE Serial.txt" file,
from your PayPal email account
(so as we can make the relation),
and you will receive further notification
with your activation code (your license)
within 24 hours.

You will find the file "gPC_CE Serial.txt",
in the gPC folder, in the root of your device.
(it will be created automatically at the
first time you will run the application)


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