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  • Increase font size
  • Default font size
  • Decrease font size

gPC Versions Info

v2.40 Full

  • Update periods

v2.39 Full

  • Update periods

v2.38 Full

  • Update periods

v2.37 Full

  • Update periods

v2.36 Full

  • Update periods

v2.35 Full

  • Stability fixes.

v2.34 Full

  • Bug with the speed fixed.
  • Execution improvements

v2.33 Full

  • Hybrid algorithm for the speed (now you can make the test from the 0 speed)
  • Choice to convert the xls files (separate float numbers with "." OR ","
  • Log files for the results 0-100km/h(0-60 miles) and for the 0-402 meter (0-1/4 mile)
  • Some other tweaks

v2.32 Full

  • Bug with the g-forces and the shake filter fixed, many thanks popkid!

v2.31 Full

  • Bug fixed, thanks for the report!

v2.30 Full

  • Real Time Filter for the shakes from the road for more accurate results and graphs
    (the gPC still affect from the big shakes)
  • Tweaks to the create KML files
  • Tweaks to the xls log files
  • Tweaks to the GPS

v2.22 Full

  • Conversion m^2 -> ft^2 and reversed (fixed)
  • Protection from the loss of the GPS signal
  • More accurate stop/rest speed ( 0 km/h )
  • Other bugs fixed

v2.20 Full

  • New Name! gPC it's the new name (Car Performance Calculator based on g-forces).
  • New Kernel! The gPC try to not affect from the road's ascent or descent.
  • Ability to save as image the TrackTracer, SpeedGraph and HPGraph.
  • Export the TrackTracer in .kml file (compatible with Google Earth and Google Maps).
  • Multiple .xls log files.
  • And "Check for Updates" button (yellow panel).

v2.11 Full

  • The Disclaimers appear and to application now.
    (These stands for ALL versions of gPC)

v2.10 Full

  • You can choose the "Drag Coefficient (Cd)" and "Frontal Area" for your car.
    (Configuration for the aero drag horsepower losses)
  • Advance g-Sensor Scale Calibrator
  • All bugs fixed

v2.01 Full

  • Some v2.0 bugs fixed
  • Display the gPCs Version (up right at config panel - yellow)

v2.0 Full

  • Gauge with speed and acceleration g-forces
  • Wrong speed from v1. fixed
  • Calculate Horsepower and display maxHP
  • Compute time for 0-100Km/h or 0-60miles/h
  • Compute time and Horsepower for 0-402m or 0-1/4mile (Dragster)
  • Support miles mode
  • Create Speedway diagram
  • Create Horsepower graphs (and display max Horsepower value)
  • Create Speed graphs (and display max speed value)
  • Create log file (.xls)
  • Recalibrate sensors - Reset Max values - Start/Stop timers and GPS
  • Stylus is active (Stylus get out - open menus / Stylus get in - close menus)
  • Navigation wheel is active (change menus, only on Diamond & Pro)

v2.0 Trial

  • Gauge with speed and acceleration g-forces
  • Wrong speed from v1. fixed


  • gPC can measure g-forces
  • Max g-force Values (front-rear & left-right)

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